Monday, January 11, 2010

Bumblebees! Help help!

Ever had bumble bees after your bum? Ive had and that's how i feel when I enter some stores and the sales guys start following like bees after your bum.

They hound you, pounce on you...yes, mam what are you looking for? how can i help you? what do you want? tell me madam? Their dam voice irritates me! I always turn around and say - thanks I will look around...and then i walk around to check out stuff.. and of course one of the sales guy is after my bum trailing me and my every move. I wanna kill!!!!

Man! every time I pick up dress, t shirt, pants...anything and put it on me just to see if the color will suit....the dam guy is staring away at all the right places and to top it some of them are ready with feedback too!! You walk away to another stand, and the saviour has followed you there too and is giving advice or pointing you to the ugliest of dresses!

Gosh! will these big stores ever teach these jerks to stay in their place! I mean i can read the price tags and i know my big fat size, i know the colors which suit me, i can distinguish between brands, i know what levis sells and what  Biba sells!!

God! grant me enough patience to tolerate these over enthusiastic and dedicated chaps! The guys at Shoppers Stop today...I hate you with all heart, lungs, liver, and every other dam organ!


  1. LOL
    Thank god that I am not into retail sales then!!!! :p
    But you are right, I get annoyed too when these sales guys keep pestering you while shopping. Wonder why they cant understand a simple point - if I need you, I will call for you. Else leave me alone!!!

  2. hahahahahaha
    give them a killing glance wenever they r there and shoo them.

    anyways i laughed a lot after reading this.

  3. This practice wasstarted by a large retail store in Chennai.Competition does bring out the devil out.
    If the guys read this post of yours,you can be sure it is the end of their adventure.

  4. Ooooh I like the part where they get to stare at all the right places! Maybe I should moonlight as one for some days Lol!

  5. Sales guy trailing your bum... what else did you expect? It's arithmetic, obviously!