Saturday, January 9, 2010

Way to go! Good I say!

So, hope your year ended well... mine ended pretty well with a BBQ with my folks in dilli ki sardi...and this year has started quite well...and like every year I have no resolutions or promises to keep or break...he he he. Never really thought i should burden myself with some silly resolutions...which i would give up or lose focus of within days :)

Ok, so my Santa (hubby dear) got me a new MacBook...yiippeeee....and i am ziiimpppllyyy loving it. 2009 was bye bye windows and 2010 was hello Mac...and its going awesome. Hubby is  a big Apple fan. He got me the Ipod touch the day it was launched. Love u babe for standing in the queue to lay your hands on one...muuuaahhhh

The big news - Hubby dear has planned for a holiday this month. So we hav plans for one of my fav destination- Egypt in a few days...and im super excited. All i talk, walk, think, these days is I need to say how super excited I am! Love u again babe.

Oh! yes, did i mention, I get a raise at work and maybe if the boss is kind enough a bonus too this month! Yippeeee...after the salary freeze, we are finally going to see some more moolah after a year and a half! 2009 wasn't kind and I saw friends taking paycuts and loosing jobs. 20101 pls pls be kind and nice and get back on your feet...v r all set for the bye bye recession party.

And im not paying that extra tax anymore in March...figured out a way to save that money...yeah im not giving it away for nothing...the road outside my house is still in bad shape!!

So, thumbs up to the days ahead and have fun. This year too shall pass away real live it up!


  1. wow gud things happening to u.

    generally gud things happen 2 gud people.
    mac, EGYPT, raise!!
    great going 2010.

  2. One would envy you.You have all the goodies packed in your basket.All the best and enjoy 2010.

  3. Egypt! Hurrah! We want loads of pictures of the Pyramids. That's because I cannot really associate Egypt with anything else. But please do bring back lots of pictures, would you?

    Happy NU Year! Good luck!

    Have fun with the Mac. And uh, could I borrow your husband for sometime? Either that, or could he give gift lessons to my girl?

  4. @VC - so now u know im a good person

  5. @B.K. Chowla than u for ur wishes. All the best to you and your family too

  6. @Bald guy - borrowing spouses is the in!
    yea egypt is what im looking forward to. Pyramids is one bit of the trip...but apart from that im hitting this beach town there...which has a really happening club strip and great night life. And also the red sea there is one of the best places for diving and snorkeling. Gosh! i have so much to do...get hold of a wet suit, the snorkel gear, fins and all...
    ciao dude!

  7. Egypt - wow!!! :D

    Enjoy but beware of tricksters and cheats....

  8. Yeah masood, hav heard and read about the smart alecs on my guard already..and im hoping with my skin color they would know i don't have the $$ :)