Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's this country coming to?

Seriously, what's happening? I know crime and politics and all that stuff is all over...but these 2 people in news today:

Spends 200 cr on celebrations yesterday (yes, in all probability it's our hard earned money) Gets a garland made of notes ...about 5cr is what i hear (in the pic)

Gets bitten by bees and orders the DIG to probe how dare the bees reach her!! Im serious! She actually has ordered a probe! So, the DIG  (who has no other work) will interrogate the bees and jail them? where?!!! This is insane that we are even discussing such things!

This is not even funny anymore! Even the bees are now hostile to Maya behenji (the DAULAT ki beti -Digvijay Singh gave her this new name). This woman is beyond me! She is shameless with a dead conscious, and no respect for democracy and power!
Such people need to be stripped of their power! UP ki Dalit junta jaago!

Reference: http://in.news.yahoo.com/43/20100315/818/tnl-rs-5-crore-garland-for-mayawati.html


Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev plans on entering politics. Wants to launch his own party. Plans to put up 532 candidates in the next elections. Starts a nation wide search ! He says the nation needs him.

Whhhaaaat!!! who needs him? we?? people u really need him to run this country? Imagine what his election symbol will be? His churning tummy image/yogic positions??

Maybe his haddis are giving up on him now and yoga is tiring him out and probably also figured out sex is dangerous for swamis these days! Whats left - Politics! Dilli chalo!

Reference: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/site/Story/88597/India/Ramdev+to+begin+Bharat+Swabhiman+campaign.html)
Note: image - courtesy google. If the image belongs to you, please let me know. I will remove it.

And by the way both of these 2 specimens are hitting out against each other on news right now! Hah!

I mean WTF!!


  1. hahahahaha
    this is so hilarious!!

    both of them..
    now u beware.
    mayawati and baba sending some goondaas after U.

    hahahha.. i can't stop laughing

  2. i know....i need to find a dungeon now!
    and baba could now field me...after all he needs women and i have reservation :)ha ha ha

  3. I swear my reactions are also reduced to WTF!

  4. Mayawati is BEYOND anyone. She is a shameless bitch who thinks no sorry, who doesn't think. IN her tenure of the last couple of years in U.P., she has done nothing absolutely nothing. Except ofcourse plundering the state wealth in making elephant statues and her own statutes.
    And what is even more surprising is the fact that people of U.P. are DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT. They should have been up in arms for such plundering of wealth.

    Baba Ramdev- He should simply concentrate on his breathing exercises...he looks good doing yoga...not politics.

  5. What Maya has done is not acceptable.But why single out Maya?Do we know the amount spent by BJP in Indore or how much money was spent by Congress in Hyderabad?
    In my opinion, Baba Ramdev will make a difference.

  6. @sakshi - poor and mayawati? she paid an ADVANCE TAX OF 15 CRORE!!! She is the highest tax payer politician! So we can't even begin to imagine the wealth she has amassed by looting the tax payer's money!

  7. @BK Chowla- im not sure how useful Baba Ramdev is gonna be for the country. Doing yoga is one thing and running the country another. But, phir bhi...he can try his luck and our patience!

    Might be true that Congress and BJP are not far behind. But, Maywati is another story! she is shameless and doesn't give dam to anybody or even the Supreme Court! And has done zilch for UP! UP ki junta is blind and dumb or what!

  8. Exactly!!!!


    I heard it on the news the other day and kept saying WTF WTF WTF....couldn't think of any other rational expression!

  9. This is sickening the fact that such people are ruling or leading our country. We're a democratic country for the heck of it.
    I live in Noida and everytime I pass by the huge piece of land that this shameless bitch has got turned from a green belt to concrete, I can't help but wonder about the audacity of this woman.

    Huh. Ramdev. Politics. WTF.
    Politics is a gutter. Noone remains clean after stepping in. We lived in a godforesaken fucked up country !!!

  10. I cant even express my anger and frustration with this women in words! And the words that come out are not for public consumption!
    This bitch needs to be stoned to death publically!
    Noida is like a feather in her cap! and a gold pit for her. Every builder/developer pays her huge huge sums of money just to get sanctions to build housing societies/offices. and this money is unimaginable...evn more than double of the land cost!
    Then of course the taj corridor - the xpressway going to Agra...work was/is? stalled for many years there coz she claimed acres of land on both sides!
    I really wonder is there no way that the govt can book her? I mean enough is enough!

  11. Mayavathi and baba two worst creatures!!!!!!!

  12. Baba Ramdev will eliminate corruption and transform India and make it Bharat, make it clean, prosperous and major economic power. He'll be leading Bharat to future, where Bharat will be leading the world, as used to do till 18th century. Like it or Not!

  13. Rajesh, we have nothing but hope! I wish what you say comes true for this country! Jai hind!

  14. Maria, It'll happen but hope is not enough. Only action needed by all honest Indians, who want to see corruption free and prosperous India, is to come together and vote only for honest candidates. So far there was no platform to bring such people together, but now there is. It's called Bharat Swabhiman movement launched by Baba Ramdev. We should make more and more people aware about it and give him chance to transform system of India like he has already done with health of most Indians. Nice to see you saying Jai Hind :)