Thursday, April 1, 2010

Begaani shaadi mein abdullah deewana

The shaadi of the season - Sania Mirza
This seems to be the hottest and most controversial topic in the last few days. I fail to understand why. Kisi ki shaadi and hum sab ki pareshani! Completely baffles me...anyway read on.

Shiv Sena says they have major objections to this marriage (Me: yea? why? who are you? Are we supposed to bother about what you think? This moral brigade should anyway be banned! They terrorize me no end)

A Hyderabad MP says he is not going to allow this marriage and will not give the Hyderabad ki beti to Pakistan (Me: Who do you think you are? Do you know this is a free country? Are we even supposed to ask you before we go to pee)

News Channels are busy gossiping about Sania's and Shoaib's past! (Me: Are you guys even serious about journalism? Do you even know what it is? Let the poor girl marry or not marry whoever! Get a life and stop repeating Sania ki 5 sautaney wala program)

Read some of these comments posted on message boards:

Marriage to a Paki means betraying INDIA. (Me: And marrying an American, a Brit, and Australian? What does nationality have to do with love? My friend, when it comes to love, it does not see religion, region, country, skin color, language...And why should anybody give up their love or well thought out life for your whims and fancies?)
She is marrying a person from a terrorist land. There are so many Muslims in India too, she could have chosen them. (Me: Why only Indian Muslim? She could have married anybody? It is her choice! This is a free country and does not work on your fancies and morals.)

Sania, why the hell you have to marry that Paki Punjabi Langoor? I am sure there are enough qualified Indian young man suitable for you. (Me: Well she likes have a problem with that?
and what do you do? Run a marriage bureau?)

Indians should realize these type of Muslims are agents for Pakistan. Many muslims like Sania mirza family are having soft corner for pak. (Me: Muslims are as Indian as you or anybody else in this country. They are not going to prove their love and loyalty for the country to you! And marrying somebody does not mean you have a soft corner for his/her country/region/caste/religion..whatever. And by the way, whose agent are you?)

If an educated Muslim girl from India is ready to go into the arms of a shows that she loves her religion...and does not care about India. It is a huge security risk for India.We can imagine the mind set of millions of uneducated Muslims in India. (Me: 1. She isn't going into the arms of Pakistan..only Shoaib's...why is your ass burning? 2. There is nothing wrong in loving ones religion. We are a secular country ! 3. Thank god, such useless people like you are not defining/guiding Indian security. 4. And since Education is a fundamental right from today - Its the right time you get yourself some education!)

I am really surprised at this kind of sentiment and mentality. I mean we are a free secular country. Why is there such an uproar. Is there a law that says an Indian cannot marry a national of a country with which India doesn't have good political relations with? I just dont get it? What if Shoaib Malik was an Australian, American, Chinese, XYZ?  Who she marries, this guy or another, or doesn't marry at all or divorces 5 is her business and life. Who cares man!

I am concerned about the growing strength and influence of the moral brigade in this country. It is impinging on our rights. And more often than not women are in their shooting range! Today it is Sania, tomorrow it will be you and me who will be questioned on our moves and every decision. 

Who we marry, love, live with or what we wear is only our business! Meri marzi, meri life....will do what i have to and want to! Go jump in a well if you don't like it!


  1. U echo my thoughts! I mean who care who marries whom! People need better jobs and businesses they can mind as their own!

  2. Yuvika, really, i mean we Indians are such nosy parkers! v must know & be concerned about kiski beti is sleeping with who and who the neighbour is seeing and of course gossiping is our birth right!
    Imagine the problems facing this country...and what do we do - Sania ki shaadi is national priority no. 1!

  3. TBG, i was thinking of your big moral spammer - Abhimany too while writing this.

    And hope u have bounced back & left Gandhiji as is :-)

  4. Lol... aptly titled - begaani shaadi mein abdulla deewana - wo bhi ek nahi .. itne saare..


  5. Seriously, I think its a case of sour grapes for many men ;-D

  6. We are a bunch of free non thinking people who have no clue of what is happening.
    I would personally blame the electronic media for creating hype of Sania's wedding.
    It is a piece of news and must be treated so.
    Let us wait for now some one to play Secular and Communal card.

  7. hahahahaha..

    thanx god i read something at a stage wen i m stuck with boredom..

    kya title hai...

  8. M@ria,

    Read all available posts. You state facts in a very frank way. I agree with you on Sania affair with only one stipulation that she should join her husband at his home. Mayawati, lesser said the better. Gurus, I agree with you. Sundar Kanyans, LOL.

    Take care

  9. @ jack - thanks for dropping in, I just recently found ur blog. Hopped over from TBG's blog. Read a few of the posts and liked them...very interesting. Have been planning since last week to set aside more time to read up your stuff.

  10. OOps...I just posted about the lies in their marriage - but of course it was in a different context.

  11. Usha, i was just midway reading ur post :) ha ha ha
    Sania is omnipresent!

  12. Assalamo alaikum.
    When the Sania- Shoaib marriage was making the news, my exams were going on...
    Otherwise I could have expressed my thoughts in a much similar way, as you did.
    I would say, you hv written a "MAST BLOG".

    The point , not to be left u-noted are the scraps of the message board. Just see, what mentality is this electronic media alongwith the HATE-PREACHING ORGANISATIONS creating.

    I was amazed to see a MULLAH, with a long skull cap, and a fist long beard echoing similar thoughts on INDIA (sting operation) TV, that "Bharat ki Beti ko Paki se shadi nahi karni chahiye". Aise log bina bamboo kiye nahi sudhrenge...