Thursday, July 8, 2010

My sins against gender stereotypes

Masood tagged me here and i need to list my sins against gender stereotypes. 

1) My favorite color is black/blue/red. Not pink. Please spare me pink. I do not like that color. Not for dresses, not for shirts, not for dupattas, not for my bedcovers, not for my curtains...nothing. Period.
2) My favorite games, which I have played a lot are rugby and baseball.
3) My favorite shows are Gadget Guru, Auto Show, Cell Guru, Tech Toyz, We the People, CSI, Seinfeld, Friends, Man vs Wild.  But, yes I must admit I love sex and the city and can watch it forever...and i can chew all of you who mock at sex and the city!
4) The RSS subscriptions on my phone & favourites on my laptop are engadget, mashable, digital inspiration, gizmodo, discovery and  news channels. I read and research on new tech stuff a lot and pass on the gyaan to hubby and friends/family when they need help buying/researching. But to keep the so called girlie spirit alive, I have a Cosmopolitan susbcription too. More than fashion, they have articles that I find so bloody hilarious :-p
5) I research and make all my investements myself in stocks/funds/real estate for the last several years.

6) Im not very fond of dressing up and putting on elaborate makeup. I have no nail polish on my nails ever and my makeup is limited to a kajal and gloss for most occasion. I've always watched in awe at the girls who spend hours on selecting and wearing those shiny clothes and putting on heavy makeup. I mean they look nice and all, but somehow I couldn't manage all that so well. Ive tried few times on my mom's /friends insistence, but have failed gladly :)
7) I can live and die in my jeans. Mom gave me 4-5 suitcases full of expensive sarees/suits for my big fat wedding, which are even now lying wrapped in the packing they came in. Haven't opened those 61 dresses in the last 4 years! With the lakhs mom spent on those clothes, I could have bought a bigger macbook than my present 13 inch or a new LED TV :(
8) My trips to the parlor are limited to 2-3 in a whole year that too when im dragged by friends/family. Just don't have the bloody patience to sit for a facial/manicure/pedicure for 3-4 hours...grrrr...boringgg...I could have chatted with T or played with my phone a bit more in that time! Android has such awesome apps for their phones :-D
9) When T and I go out together, I always end up driving, he just sits next to me like a showpiece checking mail on his blackberry, changing music, humming and generally trying to be a stud!! Men! i tell you....grrr
10) I love fixing and figuring out things. Just crash the comp or give me stuff to install or configure machines/TVs, etc...i will be lost in that for hours.
11)Im very frank/outspoken and have never really shied away from voicing my opinions and thoughts, taking my own decisions, whether somebody likes it or not. Neighbors/family would always say I am my dad's son! Dad/mom consult me/discuss things with me before they take big decisions. My brother lives with them, but my folks still discuss things with me when and where it matters for my opinion.
12) Ok, this one is funny. I eat more than many guys...Lolll...No, seriously guys in office/other friends have told me: "Maria, you have quite an appetite." In the office canteen when I order my food, the guys standing in the queue find it very amusing...sandwich, chapati/rice sabzi,/chicken, dal, juice, sometimes sweet dish/ice cream! A few days back i was out with hubby and another guy for dinner and these 2 men had finished their main course and i was just about getting done with my tandoori prawns, salad, an soup...main course still far away! Can you imagine how much they teased me! Just FYI im not obese yet- in kgs...late 50s, but getting heavy on the scale every month :-(

13) Ok, final one, I dont know how to cook. I try off and on...sometimes its yum, other times not so great! But, I really do miss my mom's cooking and want to learn some of her recipies. Ive already started my recipe book, so probably this point should soon fall out of this list :)

After all these, I hope ive not been ticked off the list of women. I do love being a woman. I do love shopping endlessly for clothes and shoes and bags. I do love gossiping with my girl friends ,the outings with girls, those giggling sessions and late night chat with dosts and cousins. And of course i love diamonds :)
Now, if you like the tag, please take it up and let me know, so I can hop over and read your sins.


  1. Thanks for doing this. Tells us so much more about you!

    You do have an appetite! I could not eat all that in the entire day!

    I'd love you to drive me around too. Heh. :P

    That should be fun. She never drives! Gah!

  2. I am so with you on the points 2.. 3 and 8 :P
    i have only visited the parlour for a haircut, and nothing else :P

    nice to have known u :)

  3. WOW!!! Excellent list. So you are a foodie!! Super. Imagine you and me having lunch or dinner...the restaurant will be out of food by the time we finish!!! :D

    Tag nicely done!

  4. TBG, arent u glad to c me back :)
    yea and its not by choice that i drive always...karna padta hai yaar...but given a choice i would hop into the passenger seat!
    and no im not going to drive you in that dilli ka ganda traffic :-p

    Shimmer, tx much for hopping over. hair is the only reason i would on my own go to the parlor too :)

    Masood, tx for the tag. And yes I live to eat. I did tell you once before on one of your posts. Khao piyo and mast raho :D

  5. Do you realise , you have told us so much more about yourself?
    But, it is interesting to know this side of you.

  6. Chowla sir, ha ha ha, i hope i didn't go overboard. There was lots more i could write! Chatterbox ka muh nonstop khul jaata hai kabhi kabhi :-p

  7. Maria,

    Read 2 posts now. One Bedroom is so touching and true. We tend to forgo our relations for the sake of materialistic craving. By the time we realise our folly, it is too late. Sins, natural beauty has own charm. No amount of war paint can do good if one does not have inner beauty too.

    I want to share One Bedroom post with some people but could not take a copy of it. May I request you if you can mail it to me so I can forward with due credits to you. Thanks in advance. My mail id is in my profile.

    Take care

  8. Uncle jack, mailing u right now.

  9. baah that doesn't even get close to sins.
    you are just another foodie who loves to have fun and cant wait!
    1 question. that patience part, is that why you cant erm.. dress up in sarees and stuff? :P

  10. It so happens what ever we like to do in life happen to be sins!
    Usually unusual tastes,intriguing habits,and weird tastes..makes an unusual woman