Monday, July 26, 2010

What do you do, my lovely?

So, today someone asked me - what do you do when you get back home from work? I was like...huh!! what do i do? hmmm...donno...nothing...something! Gosh! never really thought about that! 
The girl who asked me was quite surprised at how wasted I was!!

Now, what does everybody/anybody do at home back from work?
When I get back I dump my stuff on the sofa, change clothes, switch on my lappie/TV and get back to mails, left over work, social networking, blogs, TV shows, news, etc. And, of course keep calling (read pestering) T to check when he gets back...and this goes on till T is back and we feel hungry. And, then I make myself really really super useful :) I heat the food that the cook made and I serve us :) That done, we both are back to our lappies, reading, watching, and yapping each other, till its time for us to go to bed... EOD...yaaawwwnnn

But, we don't really get bored. We talk, pull each other's leg, watch movies/shows, argue, have fun...but it seems one should be doing 'something' man! hmm...

I mean what do you guys do when you get back from work? Some people sound really busy and caught up and happening at home! Im curious to know what it is that people really do at home..except relax, eat, and sleep!!!


  1. We-me and my wife- are too involved with each other that we dont have time even to think of this question.We do everything a normal couple would do.

  2. Cook, clean, wash, water plants, iron clothes, do the dishes, watch TV, blog, answer emails, call the mothers, ogle at the neighbor's daughters, ogle at the new HOT neighbor, eat, drink milk, try to sleep, remember having left the kitchen light on, get up switch it off, try to sleep some more, remember not having locked the cars or the main gate or something, get up, do that, try to sleep some more, remember something else, try to forget about it, pray to The Good Lord, try to sleep again, sleep some, dream about Bill Gates & Mayawati making out their wills entirely to me, dream of Maria buying the new Verna Transform and shipping the old one to me, God bless her heart, she's so generous, dream about T booking 3 tickets the next time they fly to Egypt, the third one for me, dream about the boss saying, Here, Tbg, my BMW 7 series with rotary auto gear changer is all your's!

    And then the alarm rings.


  3. @ chowla ji: ditto! v r so lost in our things, im not sure what else one needs to be up to!

    @TBG: ur a maddo! i tell u ;-p and ur list is longer than my post. ha ha ha tx for those funny lines. must try some :)

  4. When I come back home, there's barely 2 hours left to midnight.. and that's the time to sleep. And on days I come back home early, I cook, clean the space, logon to emails and keep the laptop aside and unattended, switch on the tv and watch some while doing stuff. I mostly have a list of pending chores lined up.. like right now, I'm going to buy aloe vera and basil plant roots for home, I'm going to plant them tomorrow...

  5. Maria,

    Home is to be your ownself. You relax and do what is to your heart. Household chores not included as those are a must to keep the home a HOME.

    Take care

  6. Interesting. I don't think anyone can beat TBG's comment!!! :D

    When I get back home, I freshen up and start playing with my kiddo. Meanwhile I speak to the wife as well and get updates on how her day went. And vice versa. Till its time for dinner. Also spend some time in front of TV. If mom/dad are home, spend some time with them. Else, continue entertaining the kiddo till its his bedtime. Put him off to sleep. And then go off to sleep too.

  7. i dunno abt work, but after collg the first thing one does is jam. sit in a group with few other people and start talking. its funny how funny the unfunny seems then.