Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy 50th bday Doordarshan!

Good ol Doordarshan turns 50 today...its been a long long run for it...and when I look back it makes me smile. DD holds a special place in my heart and my childhood memories are full of my fav DD shows.

Flashback: The GEMS OF DD
Remember when we used to get up on Sundays at 9am to watch Ramayan and Mahabharat...The entire neighborhood would be silent, everybody would be huddled up in their or their neighbours houses watching the epic. Sundays would also not be complete without Rangoli. We would wait and hope yaar aaj electricity nahi jaaye please god.

I never wanted to miss jungle book - jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai, chaddhi pahan ke phool khila hai-phool khila hai... The popularity of this song is sooo sooo much that even today so many of us remember or hum it off and on. I even call one of my cats Mowgli.

My favourite ek chidiya anek chidiya and mile sur mera tumhara toh sur bane hamara. This was one video which always had me glued to the TV.

And of course Malgudi Days...Tana na tana na re...what music...and such simple stories but what an impact. What a following it enjoyed. The episodes took us right to the heart of South India.

Arey haan and Karamchandddd..with "sir your a genius" and "shut up kitty" and that gajar :) Do you remember how eagerly we used to wait for ' Vikram Vikram Vikram Vetal Vetal Vetal' with Arun Govil as Vikram & Liliput as Vetal. (Just last month I spoted a 10 CD pack of Vikram Betal at Crossword and quickly picked it up) And not to forget DD ka fav programme, which could be on anytime for however long - Rukawat ke liye khed hai :)

For us Indians some of the first soaps - Hum Log, Ye Jo Hai Zindagi, Buniyaad..nanhe, chutki, haveli ram. Those charaters will stay a lifetime with us. Then we had some memorable and historic serials like Tamas, Chanakya, Bharat Ek Khoj. Can any of us ever forget them? They dont make stuff like that anymore...what a pity!

And are you one of those who lost their heart to Salma Sultan? One of the first female news readers. That pretty face gave lots of viewers to News.

And i remember as a kid when DD went color...i think it was after/during the Asiad games...i remember watching it with a few neighbours and we all went waaahhh...color...and all we saw while tuning it were the color bands and we were so excited. And then there would be somebody on the terrace adjusting the antenna and we kids shouting from the drawing room....haan ho gaya...nahi thoda aur ghumao...haan abhi picture aa gayi :)

Gosh! its been a long long time...and in the last 30 yrs of my existence lots has changed...but that old world charm of DD still remains...Even today I would rush to hear/see - mile sur mera tumahara! DD thanks for entertaining a nation when there was nothing else to entertain us. Thanks DD for those evergreen gems you came up with. Thanks for giving me so many memories to lookback. DD you are the bestest ever and we love you. Tum jiyo hazaaron saal.


  1. sahi!!

    chitrahaar sunday ko aata tha kya??
    my times rangoli was on sunday and chitrahaar was on wednesday. I used to wait eagerly for sunday 4 o'clock movie, byomkesh bakshi(my fave),chandrakanta...
    i remember watching mahabharat...ramayan times i don't remember...rest few of them u mentioned I was too kid that I just remember it vaguely.
    DD was so pure and raw.....its atleast my very idea of television.

    anyways mazaa aa gaya..u took me thru great "bachpan ke din"

  2. :) yea DD had its golden era...and ur right...rangoli was on Sunday...my hubby also corrected me.
    I would love to watch reruns of some of the serials...kitna mazaaa!

  3. And... record breacking program - "Surabhi" used to telecast on Sunday... My fav program..

  4. Yes of course Surabhi with Renuka Shahane. That had a long long run.
    There was Wagle ki Duniya, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Udaan. As kids we used to love watching He Man, Enid Blyton series, Famous Five, the lucy show.

    The DD serials are countless and each one made a lasting impression. Nothing compares to them. Now, we are busy fixing Rakhi ka swayamvar, etc...sigh!
    I wish DD could start a few of them again.

  5. I only remember serials meant for kid only like gayab aaya, Taram tu, little mermaid, alice in wonderland, duck tales, Talespin, Superman etc etc.
    nice post and thanks to remind me my childhood days :-)

  6. Fallen in Love with your blog.
    This blog reflects u so deeply.
    It has removed the misconceptios I had abt "Shahri log",that they don't have a heart.
    Definitely,you and your blog has won a fan in Ajmal.
    Most of the times we have a discussion with frnds on this topic.Even last day we were remembering those golden days.
    I had written a similar blog on ndtvblogs a years or two ago.
    Unfortunately ndtv removed its blog and mine were deleted too.
    We have enjoyed the moments till last year when DISHTV reached our village.Now in some form it is almost in every house of Harpurkishuni.
    Rangoli still comes on Sunday,it is the same,things that has changed with time for the programme is anchors.
    In my time,as far as I remember,it was Hema ji.

    Chitrahaar came on wednesday.Javed Jafri was it's host at that time.
    We used to call hin "joker".
    Another programe with same name Chitrahaar was telecasted on Friday too.

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