Sunday, September 13, 2009

What you do with your money is only your business

Austerity is the buzz word these days...Why is there such a big debate if 2 of our rich ministers were staying in 5 star hotels for the last 3 months and footing the bills themselves, out of their own pockets. So what? they have the money, they are rich and they want to live the life they like or are used to. They have the right to splurge their own money. Why should I, you, or any Tom, Dick, or Harry be bothered? Don't we all have a right to earn and spend our own money.

If we have to be bothered, we should be bothered about how and where the tax payers money is being spent. Is a 350 crore Shivaji statue really needed? Should we give away public funds to Mayawati to build her statues? Do we really have to pay for netas Z category security? Isn't your and my life as important as theirs? I am concerned why the exchequer has to pay for our netas and their families holidaying abroad.
Also, check out this post on how tax payers money is being abused.

If there has to be a debate, they should focus on issues that really concern the junta and how and where public funds are being spent. Citizens should have the right to ask and question any misuse of tax payers money. We give our money to the govt for the greater good of the nation. For better roads, educational institutes, infrastructure, border security. And we should be empowered to monitor all such initiatives.

But in our personal lives, what we do with our own money, where we eat, live, study, party out of our own money is our choice and our business...may it be you, me, a politician, a bollywood star...whoever.

I believe - have money...will spend :)

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  1. oh how i wish i can have money to spend it all...

    it reminds me of that dialogue-"paisa kya hai , haath ka mail hi to hai"

    and ya i can't understand this mayawati woman...