Friday, September 18, 2009

In the fast lane...

So, which lane do you drive in?
Right most...the fast lane? Is there anybody, anybody at all who uses another lane? Like the middle or the left lane?
No, we all love life in the fast lane and you may be on cycle, bus, car, bike, rick...any dam thing...9 out of 10 times you are in the right lane.

My sore point are the 2 wheeler guys in this city. All of them, just all... are driving in the right lane at maybe 30 or in the middle of the road, and you honk once and it has absolutely no effect on them. Not a muscle moves. And their special trait is you honk once dheere se requesting them---bhai sahab side de do...but that man is not moving and when you somehow dodge other vehicles and overtake from the wrong side, the 2 wheeler guy will scorn, give you the dirtiest look...and i just wonder...excuse me? weren't you supposed to move when i honked! why the hell are you even looking at me now! Oh! they force me to hurl the choicest of abuses.

These days im loosing it more and more while driving. Can we have citizen policing? Like I could report all trouble makers on the road breaking traffic rules or better still beat them up? Maybe at least show a fist to the pedestrians who prefer to walk in the middle of the road with their cellphones stuck to their ear. For god sake, you are on the road, and one of us is going to run over you! If not about yourself think abut the trouble I would have to go through for knocking you out!

Oh! as you can sense im so exasperated...and don't even make me get started about women driving 2 wheelers...they are the worst.


  1. I once considered writing righting Nervous Driver think before you overtake from the left on my car :)

  2. This is so funny, but actually speaking there is no lane concept in India - it is like wherever u get space stick ur butt in! You are grumbling abt Pune - U need to take a drive in Chennai - i guarantee u u'll never crib abt any other city :)

  3. Lane driving concept is non-existant in India.Our traffic deptt. has never worked towards educating the drivers and pedestrians on road discipline.
    We have,in Delhi,one traffic constable per 8.7km of road.Delhi has more than 35 laks vehicles on road.
    Can we ever improve?

  4. you are right about absence of lane concept in India........
    It creates problem for beginners like me :-)
    you should be skilled driver to drive in Delhi traffic......
    in developed countries its far too easy.....

  5. Ever played Road Rash on your computer? That's New Delhi traffic. Much worse actually.

  6. Yea Ramit my fav Road Rash :) ha ha ha..i know. lived all my life in New Delhi and had a fear of driving there :) all the red lines, blue lines and all the other colorful lines threatened me enough! And to all that add the cab drivers on the Delhi Gurgaon road!! Phewwwww...