Monday, October 19, 2009

What's with the weather yaar?

Seriously, whats up with the weather. Today morning its suddenly so dry...has winter set in already or just too much of pollution and heat in the last 2-3 days?  It is so dam dry. Im plants are not too happy either :(  But,  I can still hear crackers bursting...cmon people its the 3rd day after Diwali... and its almost 1 in the afternoon. Thoda respite do ab please.

Hubby has already complained that im hard of hearing after these 2 days. Cant help it! the loud noise was just too much for me...Did you see the streets? Gosh! happy diwali to all...but now how about picking up the broom and cleaning the streets. The roads in the society too are strewn with burst crackers. My balcony caught some flying remains of the patakhas and that too is littered...eeewwwww..that so pissed me off!

Junta, a safai abhiyaan is needed - Saathi haath badhana...


  1. Happy Diwali.
    It happens only once in a year.Enjoy it.
    Yes,muck must be cleaned up.

  2. I wanted to go take some pictures of the littered roads in and outside the society to post on my blog!!

    Sometimes we are an inconsiderate and irresponsible lot!!

    I have always loved this song!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. i so agree with u on the cleaning part - i mean hello we had a great diwali - pls clean up now!!!