Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We've come a long way...

A few days back I was unpacking a suitcase from a recent trip. As I was taking clothes out, I realised this was the same bag that hubby had got from his hometown when we shifted to this new city (where we currently live).

Flashback: Hubby and me shifted to this city about 3+ years back and were just married. We were two lost people who decided to relocate, found jobs for ourselves in this city and arrived here. Hubby landed here with that one suitcase, which had some clothes and shoes. Well, me being a woman had more stuff (men out there don't even try reasoning this out...we women just NEED more things. OK. QED!)

3 + yrs down the line, his suitcase bought back so many memories and how we started our new life with just his 1 bag and some of my stuff. How we went house hunting, from one broker to another to find that one cosy place which we could call home. How we spent our evenings roaming the neighbourhood to see shops and what is available where. We knew absolutely nobody, not a single soul in this city, so things were tough.We googled like crazy to find each and everything we wanted to know about the city and what to buy from where. Our weekends were packed with exploring the city, shops, supermarkets. But, there was so much excitement back then, we were tired each day but we were always still looking forward to the next day and planned for it.

Setting up a house is fun but wears you out. I did things I had never dreamed of. Kitchen was a rather unfamilar territory for me till then. I tried my best to look up recipes to fix some grub. We could not get a gas connection for more than a month, so we had a tough tough time. Aate daal ka bhav pata lag gaya! Gosh! how true is that saying!! Life really makes us do things we never imagined we would! Never in my dreams i thought I would be haggling for aloo and pyaaz and free dhaniya patti. Cmon man! i used to hate those things. If mom ever asked me to get it for her, I would run miles...

Each passing day we realised we needed more things to live comfortably ...the furniture, the electronics, furnishings, kitchen name it and we've done it! Its human...we just never stop. One thing leads to the next and so on...our wishes grew, we bought our own cars and our own house.

Today: when I look around, I see a whole big functioning, kicking home that we both have built for ourself. Our needs and fancies and nakhras kept growing each day. Now, we have people who help us run our home. The cook, the maid, the car wash guy, newspaperwallah, doodhwalah...everybody does their bit to make our home functional. We both are doing our bit. We come home to each other tired in the evenings and still talk about whats the next plan. Hubby makes sure im always on my toes. He is a spontaneous guy so that keeps the spark glowing and the mind ticking each day. Else, I would have had a numb mind after all the circus in the last 3 years!

In 3 years our life has completely changed! But, I wouldnt want it any other way! It would be too boring and bland. Setting up each and everything yourself and taking all your decisions yourself is such a high and a great life changing experience.

Today that one suitcase has grown so much, i couldnt have ever imagined. For us our home is the center of our lives right now. It is our action packed world. Who could have ever imagned what one suitcase can lead you to in life. But, we still have miles to go before we sleep....


  1. Such happy success stories are a result of a very understanding and a loving couple.

  2. I am one of those who fears commitment to the hilt..but with such nice, sweet tales the hope is still alive..

    I loved the way u put things and words to its places..May your suitcase grow exponentially with happiness unlimited!!

  3. Lovely post Maria :) It's great to have gone through all that you did together, and to set up a home together... I went through many similar experiences and it was a lot of fun (at time not fun) a lot of learning and growing.

    I used to give away a lot of stuff to my maids just because I wasn't sure how to cook it... (daals and all) and once we went for a 10 days vacation and I forgot to empty the garbage bin!!

  4. Thank you chawla ji. It takes two to tango.

    Vikas, believe many of us are scared of commitment/marriage.But somehow life goes on and takes us with it. There have been good and bad times and slowly most of us just learn to adjust or tolerate each others good and bad habits :)

    IHM, im waiting for all that life has to offer more. Its continuous learning, cribbing, and learning more :) I still call up my mom so often just to ask. mumma ye daal kaise banegi, kadi kaise and wo wala chicken kaise ! Ah! moms r such saviours :)

  5. Sweet post... goes to show how matrimony turns us all 'gharelu' :) but after the initial chaos, we all start enjoying it.