Saturday, October 24, 2009

Must love dogs!

If there is a dog around, Im at least a mile away for sure. No second thoughts, no love and dogs are allergic to each other, do not like each other, and shooo each other away instantly! Simple. No dogging around!!

On the other hand, my hubby - T is a strange man! He can almost smell a dog from a mile and in matter of seconds the dog and T are running towards each making those lovey dovey sounds....Gosh! this amazes me no end and i cringe so often. The dog is struggling to get away from his owner's leash towards T and T is reciprocating it equally fast and in a matter of seconds is cuddling the dog, petting him, shaking hands or paws (whatever they have) with the dog!

From the very first day, our neigbour's dog, looks at me and barks/growls and looks at T and goes all cuuddllyyy wuuddlllyyy woooshhhh with tail wagging and licking and all those gestures. I mean how weird is that. ya, ok i must have been mean, paid no attention to that dog on the first day, or made a real bad face at him. But, how do animals sense that we like or dislike them, and they reciprocate those feelings in equal measure. Also, do you know if animals can understand our language? T speaks to the neighbors dog in English, and he seems to respond pretty well and the maid who works at the neighbors house, speaks to the dog in marathi and the dog responds to her too!! So, is this an exceptionally skilled multi lingual dog or all animals are like this? This is so beyond me!

Once at a friends place, their 4 big huge alsatians surrounded hubby and his dad and attacked. Well, they almost tore my FIL's clothes and bit/scratched him at a few places, but didnt even touch T. In fact T and the dogs were civil to each other and they sniffed and licked T. That really amazed everybody, even the guy who had these 4 dogs was astonished, as the dogs were not known for being nice to their visitors.

Even on the streets, dogs like T and follow him. (Already have had 3 dogs that followed T home!). They start wagging their tails and make such a puppy face and T is so so proud of this and one day announced, I must have been a dog in my pichla janam. And I added, yes its more than obvious even in this janam sweetheart :) Nice guy that T is, he smiled and accepted the compliment whole heartedly :)


  1. I think you were a cat in your previous janam :-)
    well I fell same about dogs.......
    nice post........

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  3. He he...yes ive always been a cat person. Have close to 25 cats at my parents place and love them all :) So, ive grown up with them..and so its probably natural...but CATS RULE :-D

  4. well i m a dog any day dogs rule more than cats!!

  5. LOL

    As the famous saying goes "All men are dogs"


  6. Hit the bullseye. Tabrez must read this :) lol