Saturday, December 12, 2009

Things to do when Hubby is out of town!

I hate it when T goes out of town for work and im left alone at home. I just dont like being alone :( but on the other hand I dont like being with many people in the home...anyways thats a different story.

Well, this time it wasnt so bad. I realized there are things that I could do when T is not in town.

1. Visit the spa! Yea...the relaxing massage, the candles, the aroma and my shoulder and feet being worked on...There are only a few things that can come close to that feeling.
2. Go window (or maybe real shopping). T doesn't enjoy shopping much (except when v r shopping for electronics or home stuff). So, this was a wonderful time to go wander in all the malls, bookshops, cosmetic stores. Right time to visit those store, whose mannequins always used to call me every time i passed by. Those lovely footwear stores...ok u get the drift  :)
3. Rent my type of DVDs. With T i have learnt to tolerate war movies and action thrillers to some extent. But, without him around I was happy to get back to Sex and the city, Monster in law, Cleopatra, some mushy ones and some Sallu bhai flicks! Also caught some episodes of Desperate Housewives on TV.
4. My sunday aftrenoon siesta. I just love dozing off on Sunday afternoons and I could do that all these 3 weekends. With T around, this is usually not possible with him asking me something every 15 minutes or waiting for me to get up!
5. Laze around to my heart's content without a care in the world!
6. Peacefully talk to my friends for hours with no disturbance and hurry! I gossiped and bitched endlessly and ahh! was so happy and contented :) (i know how sick!...but so what..i loved it). With T around, I would be busy chatting with him or something...and couldn't afford that time for those long conversations on the phone.

So, basically I took it easy and at times let the natural slob take over.

T dear, inspite of all this, I did miss you dearly. I missed our evening conversations, cozying up, watching TV. I missed us calling each other those silly names. I did talk a lot to the walls this time thinking its you. I missed our morning chit chat in bed. I missed guiding you to your clean socks and undies and helping you choose your clothes for the day.  I missed you when I fell sick for 2 days. I missed your comforting touch and massage when spondylitis pain was killing my back and shoulders and carpel tunnel was causing me hand problems.

But, im happy that T is gonna be back in 3 more days. He's getting a bagful of goodies for me :) and im super super excited. Me and T will spend just a day together, because I will be traveling next for 10 days and then he joins me. I'm looking forward for him to be back and we can spend some time. Life will be back to normal and rocking as ever! Amen!


  1. It really is hard to believe you miss him! That's a huge list! Wow!

  2. he he...the list could go on and on :) but his kami was all over!
    im sure u guys hav ur own secret list :)

  3. U like sallu bhai
    on rest of the post I donno wat to comment

  4. This post is so sweet. I have a similar story :)

  5. I wait for her to sleep at times so I can get back online and finish work hehe. It's more fun when she goes away for some days. Then I enjoy to my heart's content.

  6. In my case it is different.
    I wait to do all this when sheis away on work.

  7. i would really really love to hear the to do list from the guy side. Its gonna be way more interesting :)

  8. I know. Sometimes the break is so required. Though one does miss them. I eat maggie, laze arond and watch all the nonsense on TV that I want to watch :)

  9. first time on your blog. thanx for your visit to my blog.
    absence makes the heart go fonder. and thats what happens even with me when husband dear goes out of town even for a day. i miss him terribly but when he is around i do tend to take him for granted. and as I am a housewife I get the chance to indulge in my favourites past times in the day time only like window shopping ( is there any male in this world who loves this),watching my sort of movies( all arty, emotional) reading tons of movies etc etc

  10. Mumbai diva and anju - its so nice to know that there are so many of us women who make the best out of the break...and do our own things! But, yes i agree, in the small small everyday things we do miss our men and think of them often. when T is around, i argue, fight, tease, irritate him...but when hes not...i begin to miss him after some time!

    Life is fun!

  11. haha..looks like you really enjoyed the time off from your hubby.

    I think we all need our i-me-myself time every now and then...

    now that T is back, so busy that no time to post? ;)