Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm a big girl...I can change tyres!

Yes, yes, yes! I can change tyres. Thanks to my 2 buddies from work, I finally learnt to do that job (Guys, that lunch i promised is soon coming your way). Im so kicked, not many women know how to do that so proud!! I can now picture myself changing a flat tyre next time im stuck on the road. Cool na!
This has to be the single achievement I made in the last many many not going anywhere at work, so good for me this came along :)

I had a flat tyre and somehow I just didnt realise and i had been driving around with that flat tyre for the last 2 days! yea, imagine! The security guard at the office parking lot told me, madam aapka do din se tyre phissss hai...and i was like - really!!?? The drivers standing there had a good laugh...they too had been watchign me for the last 2 days...flat tyre wali madam aa gayi!!! Duh! how stupid! I felt like an ass, standing there, staring unbelievably at the flat tyre!! how could I not notice it! I will think mayb tubeless tyres makes life easy. Who knows.

Anyway, P & R from office helped unscrew, fix the jack, put the bolts in place...and all the good stuff...and i followed them carefully and tried my hand at the job. Boy! I hadn't given that much attention to anything...yea Ranbir Kapoor is a different story..that guy is going places i tell you. Ok, thats a different story...forget that bit!

Ok, so im gonna brag about this endlessly with all details to any and every ear that comes in my line of sight! Consider yourself warned friends!

This pic from world war 2 is so cool!


  1. Although I have watched with a lot of care, how it's done, I still can't change a tyre :) You are truly a big girl that you can do that, with or withour help :)

  2. You drove around for two whole days with a flat tyre? What care do you drive? Supercar?

  3. Congratulations!! U r rightly proud abt it!

  4. Thanks all...IHM, with help changing is better...the dam tyre weighs so much! and tightening the nuts is wrist still aches! But worth it!
    Ramit - yea i know weird this sounds...i really don't ever bother to check the tyres...i just sit and start and zip off and prbably hav no sense that the car might have bee dragging itself and crying for the last 2days :( And I think the puncture happend Monday and today it was finally out...I was so emabrased withe security guards laughing at me!

  5. Ah! hubby tells me today, this is one of the benefits of having tubeless tyres...even after puncture you can drag it on for some time...Cool! Go girls! get urself tubeless tyres :)

  6. How could you drive around with a flat tyre??
    Anyway,I for one can never change tyre.

  7. LOL
    you had a flat tire for 3 days and you hadn't noticed??????
    what else do you not notice? :p

    Btw, I think its way too cool that you know how to change a tire. Super cool. Keep it up.

  8. i know this is super embarrassing :-O
    i really was surprised how i was dragging the per the security guard - he had been seeing the puncture for the last 2days and said madam dheere dheere hawa nikalti hai..aur tubeless tyre hai isliye apko nahi pata chala (with all his batteesi out)!

    Now, I have been told to check the car from all side before i zip off...and i did it like 4 times today already :)

  9. Hii!! Great to hear about this milestone. Am sure you are outdoing most of the guys too ;P

  10. Way to go, woman. :) Though the poor car must be in tears for all the torture you give it ;))

  11. 2 days on a flat tyre ????

    You must name your car the "tarzan car" (like the one in the movie tarzan) :-P

    Ya but thumbs up to you on your new learnings. Way to go!!