Wednesday, August 12, 2009

But what about men?

I was watching Sach ka Saamna - our Indian version of Moment of Truth on TV last night where this big fat lady probably in her early 50s, on the hot seat confessed that she beats up her husband (a thin short fellow)...her reason was that his sarcasm irritates she beats him up!!! Well, she didn't seem to have any remorse or guilt or apologies ...she was right there saying it on national TV for some moolah - yes i do beat him coz his attitude bugs me!!! And all the husband had to say - she can do what she wants, I have never touched her! Wow!! i mean what an arrangement! Why the heck is that frail guy taking all this shit!

Husband bashing is a may shy away, protect their honor, egos...but men ARE being increasingly bashed up in homes, more so in Indian homes. I have read about such incidents, but seeing a woman confess it on TV yesterday really set my mind thinking. Women are becoming aggressive and venting it out. There are more and more reports these days of wives taking the iron rod in their hands. Gone are the days when we only heard of wives being beaten or tortured. Should we say now women are the power centers in homes...some would say they always have been :)

Related to this, I read an article last week in the newspaper...a social organization, maybe it was some NGO, of married men who are holding a meet in Shimla on 15th August (India's independence day) to declare independence from their wives and to think and discuss what makes wives into vampires within 6 months of marriage!!! Are you laughing reading this bit...i too did initially...I read this bit out to my hubby, who stared at me and asked me whether this was a joke..and i was no...this is serious buddy!

Times are changing and men are raising their voice against lop sided rules and laws. Making their scars visible and forming associations, running helplines, seeking help. We are living in a violent aggressive world and the reasons are plenty...the home is the battleground of the sexes and the fight is on...

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  1. I won't sat women are the power centres of home, but even if only one man is being beaten by his wife, it is still wrong. Any kind of violence and cruelty is wrong, and everybody has a right to justice.

    I hope instead of women becoming 'power centres at home', we see a balanced society, where there is mutual respect and respect for individual liberty.