Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jaago press jaago!

Is there nothing happening in the country, in the world today? Nothing worth talking or reporting about? The only thing splashed on every news channel is - Salman Khan jumping onto the IPL bandwagon!

Hello! give me a break!! What the hell is happening to journalism? I can imagine an India TV or Aajtak running this news for the next 4 days...but no! each and every news channel only has Sallu bhai, Hamare pyar salman khan...and in how many movies hes played cricket or even looked at a bat and ball!! No wonder, nowdays people view news channels for entertainment! I hear this so often now -Kahin kuch accha nahi aa raha toh news channel laga lo...ample entertainment!

NDTV and IBNs of the world I want to know:
the latest on the Mayawati statue issue...there is supposed to be some more activity on that
details on the dossier India sent to Pakistan and what happened
the reality behind Karkare's killing
when is the juduciary thinking of hanging Kasab. I cannot pay tax to feed him anymore.
the proofs and reasoning that the cops have against people picked and labelled terrorists.
the latest on the education reforms.
how the government is going to deal with the muthalik's of this country.
what happend to the Shiney Ahuja case. I want to see him hanged if he is proved guilty.
how well the government is equipped to tackle the swine flu and other virus/health hazards.
what the economists are saying about achieving 9% growth.
if the economists are hinting that the recession is over.
about the latest technologies that can benefit me and make my life better.
more on farmer loans and how the govt is helping their families and preventing suicides.
why its not being made mandatory for judges to reveal their assets.

Believe me the list is endless, I havent even gone anywhere near the international scene! . Today every citizen of this country wants to know the truth, the details of everything. Press is the fourth pillar of democracy and sad to see how they play around with their duty and make a joke out of it! What a shame!

**Gosh! in the ad break I just saw movie trailers being played on 2 news channels!** I can't take this anymore, maybe saas bahu saga is more bearable! Switch to colors or something!


  1. Nice one..
    Thanx God i can watch some sports channels than switching to saas-bahu ones.
    But ya the media in India is quite childish. They need to mature for sure.
    Keep posting.

  2. Or switch to Sony for Ladies Special :)

    Loved this post! Absolutely with you here!! We do need some serious and REAL news channels!

  3. he he..ya watching right now. Long live the fan club :)

  4. Vikas, thanks for dropping in. Even people like Barkha Dutt have lost it...She was asking soembody who lost their child in some riots - Apko kaisa lagta hai ki aapka beta mar gaya?

    But, on an experimental basis try watching the saas bahu types one day. U will pull out your hair! I wonder if there are any men at all who watch all that stuff!