Saturday, August 22, 2009

Birthday cheer around the house

I had another birthday last another year older...friends reassured me...ur only as old as you think and stuff like that...but getting on to the other side of 30 is actually great! Im loving more free, more confident, more experienced, more grounded, more happy, more ME...yeah :) Its good people, its dam good!

This year hubby surprised me! He's not the romantic/ mushy types who would say sweet nothings, come up with thoughtful gifts, surprises, or shower me with compliments, but this time he started the birthday celeb a day ahead. When I came back home from work in the evening...i was just standing in my room with my mouth and eyes both wide open....this is what I saw on the bed and my hubby jumped out from behind the curtains to surprise me with a song.

Awww..I was so touched...and then laughed like crazy to see him do such acts...i never imagined him to do such things! he knows i like flowers and this brightened my evening. I still have this in one corner...but shall have to do away with it tomorrow..they are so wilted now :(

Absolute bliss..and then retail therapy followed...aaah! who am i to complain..the shops and shopping was great, everything was perfect! How could we forget the cake! hubby had ordered my favourite choco walnut cake on the D day. I even got a musical candle (made in quite wary of made in china things!) nevertheless I had fun blowing that too. Guys! but that dam music doesn't stop till you cut a wire in it...yea it can get embarrassing/irritating after a while

To top it, the strangest birthday gift ever arrived...Although, I loved it...but just did not expect it for a birthday. The new dining arrived nicely packed and the store guys fixed it.

It goes very well with the decor and now i have a big big task-to dispose off the old dining table and the chairs! But, i love this one and complimented hubby on his choice. Hes improved a lot being with me :) There was a time when I was so afraid when he wanted to do some home improvement...guess now I can take his suggestions!

The flower vase is also a gift from a friend.

We also added some light to one corner in the living to make it more warm and cozy. The green vase, the flowers were all chosen and arranged by hubby. My next post shall be written from there. Oh! I am so loving it!

We finished the day with some good dinner and music!

Hey! wait...i just remembered I didn't get one of those big Archies greeting cards... the really big ones, which compete with my 5 feet tall frame...hmmm..i have a reason to complain..and i shall lodge it pronto with hubby dear.


  1. I like the new dinng set, it looks cozy and inviting for a yummy meal. :)

  2. Thanks! Tabrez is very fussy about the house, how it should look, what should be kept where, colors, etc. I just didnt know men take so much interest in home matters. Nah! but im not quite glad hes so interested :)
    Now, only if he could take interest in the kitchen and keep his wardrobe in proper order...hmmm

  3. Belated birthday wishes to you :) You had an awesome birthday!!! Loved the photographs... they made it all even more interesting .. your house looks very pretty and I too love lamps for adding a cozier, warmer feel...

    And there is no doubt about the confidence after thirty for women, they say women are at their prime at thirty :)

    PS Ha ha They also say men are at their prime at nineteen after which they start aging :)

  4. true true...i tease hubby thats hes hit his midlife crisis...his 30s are no match for my 30s :)
    Thanks for the wishes. We had a good day!