Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday morning...

Sunday mornings are special. We have ample time to prepare some good breakfast! yippeeee!!! The weekdays are a rush rush with cornflakes, bread, buns and the like...sunday is pancake, yummy stuffed omlettes, baked beans, baked cheeze sandwiches, parathas...aaah!! life is so good on Sundays :)
To top it...its a lovely day outside today. See, what bloomed in one of the pots today...just added more color to the day. I told you Sundays are good...


  1. Few things are as mood uplifting as a flower blooming in one's own garden :)

  2. Didn't realize you post so frequently... and yes, I love your red hibiscus. Ready for a trade-off? :)

  3. barter! anytime dahling...shall take some of ur saplings when i come to ur new place.
    and now u know how much time i have...that im lounging around here :)