Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bouncing around my head

Too much running through my mind...garbled thoughts
  • Im in office and when do i start working? Holiday hangover i guess....
  • Are these really ergonomic chairs? I mean my shoulder and neck aches everyday, when i sit on the chair in my cube...nah! i need a change...talk to boss
  • Why don't i dream as often when i sleep. Daydreaming is all i do...duh!
  • Whats the best pillow in the market? Like the ones which are comfy and good for people like me with spondylitis! From where do the hotels get such comfy beds and pillows...i always wonder...the last hotel had something called 'featherfree' i think...it was awesome!
  • What crap she made for dinner today!! Who the hell ever has aalo gobhi for dinner on tuesday night!!
  • When will i find a good cook...who can make yummy non veg stuff...and no maharashtrian khana plsss
  • OK...stop eating...hogging...stop! stop!!
  • Get a doc appointment for T. Drag him for an endoscopy (tough job...he cries like a baby..awww)
  • I need to go to Central and ask for my free wrist watch....I had to get it free with the sun glasses i bought from there last week...Yea, I need that free wrist watch
  • Fix the car servicing appointment.
  • Update status on FB and plough my farm...Farmville is my food
  • What time does he get back today?? Call! Call! Call!!
  • Call HDFC car insurance guys and ask for my premium refund...You believe it, they sent me a torn cheque 2 weeks back! I sent it back and need a fresh cheque! Call, call, call!
  • Call mom...to ask if they all saw the cat's pics i posted! 
  • Ned to drink water! yea...i hardly take in 2 glasses in day...
  • Rann has released..mayb go and watch it...yea on Wed you buy 1 and get the other ticket free on bookmyshow (for citibank cards)...see a great tip :)
  • How will the papyrus painitng look when its framed. Need to get that from the framer on Sat! Remind me!
  • Patao T in the evening so he can give me a good shoulder and neck massage! Very very important for my well being...TOP PRIORITY today!!
  • Sync my ipod.
  • Sync phone
  • Dig out some old pics
  • Go get a tropicana from the cafeteria.
  • Restart gyming...get the gym bag out!
  • Shortlist good pension plan for T. HDFC pension plan inching close. Anybody, any reco? (but seriously will v live that long?)
Getting too much now...still running through...


  1. ohhh myy goddd....it was like someone wrote down my thoughts :)

  2. Oh poor you! That's a long to do list!

    Nice video! I love it!

  3. Sulagna - seems v humans all tend to think of the same thing in varying degrees! roti kapda and makan ka sawal hai in the end!
    hey! i like the TM symbol next to ur name...damn cool :)

  4. yea Baldie - i remember i think u did write something about the song...shall go and read that post again!

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  6. so is the gym bag out????


  7. Anusha - yes its out :) just want my neck and shoulder to feel better before i totally suck up those gym machines!
    hav to go the doc tomorrow mornin!