Friday, February 5, 2010

Else, there will be no Sher Khan

You leave your 2 month old baby at home and go to work
And you are shot and killed...never to return home to your baby, your family, your world
Your 2 month old baby...keeps waiting- hungry, lonely, scared, and vulnerable...

Watch this clip and have a heart. A life is a life...human or animal...just the same.
Save our tigers...1411 left and probably going down fast. 
Lets get together and save our Sher Khans, else our children will never know who Sher Khan was or never see or hear the roaring shers!

Click here and here to see what you can do.
Click here to read what i wrote about Sher Khan on my other blog.


  1. I've already taken the pledge to do this. :)

  2. I second your thoughts..

  3. I support and I blogged about it too. The video is heart wrenching.

  4. yea, it just brings a tear to the eye..and I feel so guilty for being the 'intelligent' 'superior' race to kill the animal into extinction!