Thursday, February 18, 2010

Of sundar kanyas and old haggard men

Overheard in office - a group of guys chatting over coffee:
Guy 1: Yaar, what cream do you use?
Guy 2: Koi nahi, any moisturizer.
Guy 3: I steal some from my wife. She uses ponds mosturiser and raat mein anti ageing cream lagati hai
Guy 1: Abey! wo ladkiyon ki cream hai.
Guy 3: Who cares! Nobody makes anything for us poor men!
Guy 2: Haan yaar, ki farak painda hai...humko bhi to young dikhna hai.

(I was almost bursting by this time...trying really hard not to make it obvious. I walked away trying to hide my amusement.)

In the night I was telling T about this and he said - you know, come to think of it...those guys were correct. Nobody thinks about us 'bechara' men. Anti ageing creams are all targeted for women, the fairness creams are again being sold to women. All the masks and peels in the stores are all for women. And then declared - Maria im using all your stuff from now on. And i was like - What the heck!! And was staring at him - ye bhi shuru!! Allah hi reham, maula hi reham :)

And he was correct...going by the ads on TV - Oil of Olay is targeted for women who can't ever stop talking about the deadly 7 if without that cream we would be the ugliest walking talking ducks around and people would die of heart attacks seeing us. Ponds age miracle talks about how the husband falls in love with his wife coz she is using the damn cream (huh! only if love was so easy). Fair and lovely makes the girl a beauty queen and a winner (damn these fairness creams)! The industry hasn't even speared the soap - Dove - scores of women how good it is and how feminine it makes them feel using Dove!! (Whaaatt!! Huh!!! feminine? Guys, this one is seriously  not for you..don't even try)

Actually, if you have observed when you enter a store - lets say Westside or Shoppers Stop. What do you see first? 9 out of 10 times, its gonna be women clothing and accessories, make up, perfumes, and jewelery. Its like the grand store is just for us :) and the men's section is tucked away in some dark small corner or on the 1st floor of the store.Its like an after thought..and they have fewer trial rooms too :) (Guys, yes im poking fun at you!). Similary, beauty salons - the bigger ones do cater to men...but again in a much more limited way. Guys you are still away from the more fancy treatments,  facials, and manicures. We rule here too!

So what we learnt today - Women are the ones who need to be the gori sundaris and the men can sit on that couch and stink and fart while watching TV ;-D
OK, I received this in is education and important. Open it up and read it. 

And guys, don't loose heart, this one product is especially for you...take it away..all yours :)


  1. Er... We don't all stink and fart and we all don't even have the time in our lives to watch TV?

    Apart from that little fact, the entire post is LOL!

    :D :D :D

  2. Lifebouy hai jahan tandorsti hal wahain
    Incidentally, at I don't watch and f....t
    Very amusing post

  3. TBG all men were created equal :)
    and where is your LOL post for the day? Thats my only LOL pill in the day..u rock!

  4. Chowla Sir, that ad still remains fresh in my memory. I remember even back then as a kid i used to like the music and the ad. And hearing it after so many years, i couldn't help but post it :) DD had some awesome memorable ads back then!

  5. I like that education and important wala pic... ;)