Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sex, lies, and godmen!

So, first we had the Visa god and thanks to TBG we found out the real purpose the place served.
Next, in line misusing God's name to mint money is Ichchadhari Sant Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakoot Wale! (Gosh! u believe that name??!!)

God and sex sure sells the most and if both get together under some garb - boy! that's double whammy!!
So, the godman in question has been caught by Delhi Police for carrying out a prostitution racket for the last 10 years. (Prostitution?? Yes! Yes!) The Swami serviced very high profile shareef citizens of Dilli inside a temple he had built! (Inside the temple?? Yes! Yes!).  His network is believed to consist of dozens of girls...including models, college going girls, and air hostesses. (

On the other hand the Swami was a revered godman and had many many followers. The police say they had a tip about him for the last many years, but because he was a godman and had high profile clients and contacts it was very difficult to nab him. And then the fear of backlash from his followers. Very well done cops, you finally got the spine to act!

Religion is the opium of the masses and this is the reason that people like this swami and many others misuse God's name and mint money. They establish a clean reputation for themselves and carry on all sorts of business and earn money by hook or crook. The veil of god is too clean and pure for common people to even doubt what goes on behind.  

It is sad and very unfortunate that God's name is used the most by people who have to hide things, carry on illegal activities, crime, or create divisions in society. Look at terrorists, godmen like this swami, politicians - all are masters at misusing God's name for their own good and misguiding people.

If you are interested, these are some more links i found about godmen:




  1. This man was a security guard in a five star hotel in Saket in Delhi.
    There goes a saying in Delhi that only two professions make you millionaire overnight
    1 BABA
    This man, reportedly had a list of VIP clients and thanks to his connections,I can bet that he will go scot free in the next few weeks.

  2. Oh! yes, absolutely...he will be walking tall outside in another few days..yeh mera India!

  3. haha. Wonder what are his VIP clients thinking right now! :p

  4. They are thinking how to dodge the cops...the cops supposedly hav found a list of the baba's high profile clients :) But going by our judicial system...everybody will be go scot free soon!

  5. seriously man..whats happening to our world...m done with all these aiassh baba's ..i dont even have the right expletive to abuse them.

    and oh about our untamed six practise what i practise..."ignorance"