Monday, February 15, 2010

Kitna badal gaya insaan!

Video of the for thought!
Just found this browsing you tube today...some visuals may be disturbing and some images towards the middle seem misplaced/not in the best spirit. Somebody could have done a better job by being more careful in selecting the pics and campaigning for world peace.

But you get the big picture and the message.


  1. I won't say a name lest it becomes a religious problem.

  2. I really do believe there is nothing wrong in the various religions...there are just good people and bad people.

  3. Heart wrenching video. The first part especially.

    The malnourished mother feeding the malnourished child is very very sad.

    I'm moved.

  4. yea TBG, i know...i was moved too. Food, water, and air are precious, life sustaining... and we don't care!

    Its so sad what the world is coming to..we are killing each other in every way and speeding towards ending the human race :(

    World Peace, no hunger, no poverty...amen!