Monday, February 1, 2010

Egypt, my love!

I have visited quite a few places in Europe, South East Asia, America...but what Egypt did nothing did it ever! The beauty, mystery, culture, food of that country haunts me now. If there is a place i would want to be would be on one of the Red Sea beaches...aaaahhhh....blissss

To start with let me do away with some myths...Egypt is an Islamic country but do not get any negative ideas about it. 

The country and people are very very open towards tourists and very welcoming.
Cairo is a very modern city and you can find the best of international chain of hotels, restaurants, night clubs, discos, brands...just about anything you want.

The night life is magical and amazing and you can spend the night singing and dancing away...or shopping...the malls, bazaars, and cafes are open till 2am at least. yes, 2 am...clubs are open till about 3 am or even later...The city swings man! it swings!

Liquor is freely available at hotels and restaurants. Heineken is all over and many shops too where you can buy your bottle. The city is safe and you can find cabs at any time in the night and the city is alive!

Let me add a line about their infrastructure. The roads are wide, smooth, clean, and without any bumps...Indian roads...shame shame!! Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh (beachtown on the Red Sea coast) had wireless internet almost everywhere..and let me add its 3G or 3.5G if i read correctly.Its a shame we are still struggling with downloads in kb. Duh!! C'mon India, auction that 3G !!

The Red Sea area is blooming with the best resorts and full of European tourists. Red sea is breathtaking and you want to be there forever. The beaches are awesome, corals and fishes plenty. It is one of the best sites in the world for snorkeling and diving. Its just beautiful.

For clothing, you can wear what you want...there are no restrictions and locals do not say or comment on anything. So, you have bikini clad women all over the place. Well, even some nude sun bathing at our resort!! Yea, may like that!

But apart from that it would be wise to dress modestly if one was visiting the churches or mosques. The Egyptians are extremely nice people and if you respect them and their ways, they do the same and do not object or cause you any problems.

So, once you have removed any misconceptions or negative ideas about the country...enjoy the place, weather, people, history, mystery, food, belly dance...

The Pyramids and the Sphinx, have to be seen to be believed. They are grand, imposing and hauntingly beautiful. To think that they were made 5000yrs ago and still stand tall and awe amazing...I mean you just have to experience them.

There is also an amazing sound and light show at the Pyramids in the night. Do not miss it!

Enjoy a cruise on the Nile in the night. The magical Nile will leave you wanting more. The Marriott and Oberoi do very good cruises. We took the Oberoi and loved it.

As lucky as we could get, in Sharm El Sheikh, we were upgraded for free to a sea facing suite on check in...yea you get lucky sometimes...yayy! And the view from the balconies were to die for. It was like I had died and gone to heaven...

One had to just get a few feet on the water to see the was a jungle out there...beautiful. We had the most beautiful and colorful fishes swim up to us at the beach and kiss our feet :)

Ok, enough said, writing does not do justice to that experience. I should plan for another trip soon:). Will leave you with a few pictures...soak in...

And and and...what did i get from there - Papyrus painting, Egyptian perfume :) in love with them :) :)


  1. Awesome awesome pics....

    Now will read the post :p

  2. The pics tell the story...text is just a distraction :)

  3. Great pictures!

    Great review! Now, I do want to go too!

    So how much are they paying you to write this? :P

  4. Jao ghoom aao...its just the right season...till March in fact...after that will get hot..

    and wish wish wish...somebody could pay me for traveling and writing about them...wishhhh...

  5. woaaaaaaaa.....
    wat pics!!!!
    egypt chalo re..
    definitely its gone up in my places to visit list.

  6. VC - ur camera and photgraphy skills r gonna do wonders! chalo re chalo!!